Understanding Land Surveys
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Published on May 31, 2022

Understanding Land Surveys

A land survey is a map or graphic depiction of a property that outlines legal boundaries and other property features. Land surveys are created when a surveyor lays out the exact dimensions of a property as stated in the deed. Additionally, the surveyor will physically walk and measure the land to ensure the accuracy of the deed. While land surveys aren't required for every home or property sale transaction, they are extremely useful if any confusion arises.

Here are a few reasons to obtain a land survey:

New construction  - Most states require a land survey when building a new home. These surveys can be especially useful for showing elevation and property boundaries to builders.

Boundary disputes  - In residential neighborhoods, a source of unrest is often the exact place where properties begin and end. This can especially become an issue if a homeowner wants to build or plant on their property. With a land survey in hand, homeowners gain a clear understanding of their property's parameters.

Size and price  - When a home is for sale, the property size in the home listing isn't always accurate. With a land survey as a point of reference, the exact size of the property can be determined and used as a negotiation tool if the property is smaller than advertised.

Once land surveys are conducted, they should include:

  • Any property easements, building issues or property restrictions, which all will affect the future development of the property
  • A written property description to update the deed (this will reveal any underground elements that may not be visible)
  • Floodplain status (if the home is in a floodplain, an elevation certificate will also be included in the survey)

Whether for real estate purposes or peace of mind, a land survey can be beneficial to your ownership of a property. Make sure that any land surveyor you find is licensed and insured. I would love to recommend one of my trusted partners to you, so call me today!

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