Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a fantastic investment that brings luxurious beauty to your home! While hardwoods provide a durable surface, they take quite the beating in a busy home. However, with a little TLC, your floors can last for decades! Keep reading to learn how to properly clean your hardwood floors.

  1. Begin by clearing the floor of any easy-to-move furniture or rugs to create the most open space possible. Furniture moving pads, such as  these , can make moving heavy items much easier.
  2. Next up: Vacuum, dry mop, sweep, or Swiffer the floor to remove any dirt, dust, pet hair, or other debris.
  3. Using a  hardwood cleaning solution  and following the directions on the package, saturate a rag or sponge mop. Wring the mop out thoroughly and mop the floor with the cleaner. Throughout this process, be careful not to put too much liquid on the floor. Wipe up any excess liquid with a cloth, as standing water can permanently damage hardwoods.
  4. If there are any scratches remaining on the floor after cleaning, use a crayon that matches the color of the hardwoods and color in the scratch. Heat the area where the crayon was used with a blow-dryer and finish by buffing the spot with a soft cloth.
  5. You may choose to complete the cleaning process by buffing the entire floor with a soft cloth to remove any soapy residue left by the cleaner. Rub the floor in a circular motion to leave it sparkling!

For more information on how to clean your hardwood floors,  click here  or watch the video below.

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