Starting a Garden
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Starting a Garden

As the weather is warming up, you are likely beginning to see flower and vegetable gardens being planted - and you may be wondering how to start one yourself. Spring is a wonderful time to start a garden so you can watch your plants grow throughout the season. Follow these simple steps for creating the perfect garden:

  1. Mark the plot  - Decide where your garden will be located. Then, using spray paint or yard markers, mark out the area that you are planning to clear.
  2. Clear the area  - Remove any sod covering the area you have chosen for your garden. Sod and any accompanying weeds can be removed most quickly by digging them out with a shovel.
  3. Improve soil  - Using organic compost matter, cover the area with a layer of 2-3 inches. This can be tilled into the existing soil or left on top to work its way down naturally. You can rent a  tiller  from your local hardware store.
  4. Turn soil  - If you did not till the compost into the ground, you will need to turn the soil. Using a  garden spade , dig and turn the top 8-12 inches of soil so plants can develop roots easily.
  5. Plant  - Once you have decided what flowers and vegetables you will plant, begin digging holes and placing them in the ground. Fill around the holes with soil and pack them in lightly.
  6. Water  - Most new plants need to be watered daily or every two days. As they begin to grow, you can water them every three or four days, depending on your climate.
  7. Mulch  - To decrease the chance of weeds and to keep plants moist, cover your bed with an inch or two of mulch. Ask your local plant nursery or home improvement store what type of mulch is best for the plants you have chosen.
  8. Fertilize  - As your plants continue to grow, make sure you are nourishing them with fertilizer once a month. Your local plant nursery or home improvement store can help you pick out a good fertilizer for your plants.

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