Vertical Gardens for Limited Space
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Published on May 30, 2022

Vertical Gardens for Limited Space

Vertical gardening has become a trendy way to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants in a limited space by using various containers that hang on a wall. Vertical gardens are wonderful for patios because they take up minimal space, are simple to harvest, and are easy to maintain. Read below for some different ways to create vertical gardens.

Hanging Terracota Pots  - If you have an empty space with a surface to hang from, hanging clay pots can make a wonderful vertical garden. These pots can take up as much room as your space allows, and they are simple and cost-effective to create. View the instructions  here.

Standalone Wall  - This garden uses hex wire attached to a wooden frame to create a wall used as a surface to hang pots. View the tutorial  here.

Pallet Garden  - By using a recycled pallet from a home improvement store or shipping facility, you can create the perfect vertical herb garden. This technique is cost-effective, simple and can be moved to different locations if needed. Click  here to learn how.

Shelf Garden  - Building a shelf-type garden that will lean against the wall will provide the perfect space for a vertical garden. You can even stain the wood to match the exterior of your home. View instructions  here.

To find more ideas for vertical gardens, click  here.

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