Apps to Help You Get to Know Your Neighborhood
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Apps to Help You Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Knowing your neighbors and becoming comfortable with a new neighborhood are great ways to give your family a sense of community as well as add an extra level of security. However, when moving into a new neighborhood, it can be difficult to acclimate to the area, meet neighbors or find the best restaurants near you. Fortunately, the following apps are available to help ease the transition to your new neighborhood:

Waze   - Not sure about the best route to work or school? Waze can help you navigate around traffic and find the best way to your destination.

Yelp   - Finding a new go-to restaurant near your new home can be difficult. Yelp makes it easy to filter by location, food type and price, as well as view reviews and photos from past customers.

Nextdoor   - The ultimate resource for asking questions about your neighborhood, Nextdoor is a social network that connects neighbors and allows users to plan events, sell unwanted items and post questions or alerts.

Neighbors by Ring   - Receive instant safety and crime alerts from your neighbors and pass along alerts about suspicious activity. Neighbors by Ring allows neighborhoods to band together by sharing reports of questionable happenings in an effort to stop crime.

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