Five Excellent Reasons to Purchase an Existing Home
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Five Excellent Reasons to Purchase an Existing Home

When purchasing a home, there are a wealth of opportunities when it comes to designs, neighborhoods, school zones and so much more. Of course, the biggest question may be whether to build a new home or buy an existing home. While there are certainly benefits to both, pre-loved homes have a lot of charm and may allow you more bang for your buck!

Here are five excellent reasons to purchase an existing home.

  1. Better value - In most real estate markets, you will be able to obtain more for your your dollar when purchasing an existing home. Existing homes generally cost less per square foot than new construction. Appliances and fixtures are also often included whereas if you purchase a new home you may pay for each of those items separately. If the home has been recently renovated, updated kitchens and bathrooms may feature valuable extras.
  1. History and charm  - If you are looking for a unique home with character and history, an existing home is for you! Many already existing homes also have more distinctive architectural detail than new homes including original hardwoods, crown molding and special features that new homes may not offer.
  1. Landscaping  - When you purchase an existing home, odds are much higher that the home will have more mature landscaping than a home that has just been built. This advantage will save you from having to nurture a lawn, plant shrubbery and wait for trees to grow. Depending on the neighborhood, the homes may be surrounded by large, mature trees that add appeal and value to your property.
  1. Established neighborhoods  - Many people choose to buy an existing home because they fall in love with the neighborhood. When you purchase a home in an established neighborhood rather than one that is still being developed, you have more of a sense of community. Unlike a neighborhood under construction, you may be able to I have the opportunity to meet some of your potential neighbors before making your offer.
  1. Timing  - After you decide to buy an existing home, you can usually move in relatively quickly. If you are building a new home however, you may have to wait for months for the home to finish being built. Sometimes, weather and delays could push the closing even further than expected.

When you are ready to purchase a home, I would love to help discuss your options and some of the newer and established neighborhoods in the area! Call me to set up an appointment so we can discuss your buying options.

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