Renting a Moving Truck
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Renting a Moving Truck

When moving into a new home, transporting your items from your old house to your new house may seem daunting. And hiring movers to do this job may be unaffordable or pricey depending on how far you are moving and how many items you must move. If you are thinking about moving your belongings on your own, here are a few tips on renting a moving truck:

Decide on the size you will need  - Most rental truck companies can help you determine which size truck you need based on your estimate of how many items you will be moving or the number of rooms in your current home.

Plan and compare prices  - Moving truck prices fluctuate much like airline prices; they vary based on time of year and demand. Once you have chosen the target time frame for your move, compare prices from several rental truck providers as well as home improvement stores, and play around with the dates to find the best rate. For example, moving midweek rather than over the weekend may lower your rental cost. Also, many renters may be trying to move on the 15th or at the end of the month, so be mindful of peak pricing.

Factor in additional fees  - Along with a moving truck, consider whether you will need items such as handcarts or furniture pads. Many moving truck companies have these items available for rent at an additional cost. You may want to price them separately or ask friends and family members if you can borrow them.

Inquire about insurance  - Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer any coverage for the rental of your moving truck or your belongings during the move. If not, purchasing the insurance option is always a wise investment. While we hope everything will go smoothly, it is important to be prepared.

For more information about moving truck rentals and pricing,  click here.

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