Smart-Home Tech for Senior Generations
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Smart-Home Tech for Senior Generations

Over the next two decades, Baby Boomers could sell one quarter of America's homes as they move out of individual homes into multifamily residences or assisted living facilities, according to studies. Unfortunately, many of these homes are located in areas that may be either undesirable or unaffordable to those in the millennial and Gen X generations. But, in an interesting twist, the rise of smart-home features may allow seniors to "age-in-place" and result in those homes not hitting the market as quickly as once thought.

Rather than selling their homes, many seniors are turning to smart-home technology to increase their level of comfort and allow themselves to stay in their homes longer. This is both altering the sale timeline for Baby Boomers' homes as well as making their newly minted smart-tech homes more desirable once they are listed for sale.

Smart-home technologies enable seniors to maintain their independence and provide them and their families peace of mind. Following are some of the smart-home features that are proving to be most beneficial for senior living:

  • Smart Hubs: A smart speaker that will serve as the control center for all smart-home upgrades is a good place to start when choosing smart-home devices. A device that is voice controlled, such as the Amazon Echo, is a good choice for seniors or anyone with limited eyesight or motor coordination.
  • Smart Locks, Doorbells, and Outdoor Cameras: Smart locks allow the resident or the caregiver access to lock and unlock doors from both inside and outside of the home. Additionally, doorbells and outdoor cameras provide the ability to monitor activity levels as well as send an alert when there has been a certain level of inactivity.
  • Smart Lights: Smart lightbulbs can be used to replace traditional lightbulbs and can be programmed based on usage or in coordination with other smart devices. For example, smart lightbulbs can be programed to turn on when the front door is unlocked to create a safe and well-lit pathway for entry.

As we see an increase in multifamily living, these smart homes will continue to be useful. In a home where seniors live with family members, smart home features can provide them more independence and lessen their reliance on others.

For more information on smart home features that allow seniors to age-in-place,  click here.

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