Trust Me to Pilot You Through Your Loan
Mortgage Loan Originator
Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Trust Me to Pilot You Through Your Loan

Most everyone has seen the commercials for mortgage companies that claim you can push a button and receive a magically fast mortgage that would be akin to being in a rocket. While exhilarating and potentially fun, traveling in a rocket is probably a lot more than you had in mind. When you move too fast, things can be missed. Even with an experienced person at the controls, fast does not mean accurate or safe, and it might not get you to your destination in one piece.

We know that the process of purchasing or refinancing a home is more like being a passenger on an airplane than being in a rocket. When the journey begins, there is a lot of excitement. You feel a flutter in your heart and the anticipation is high. You count on the pilot to guide you to your destination safely, and the crew to assist and help you if anything happens.

For the pilot, even on the clearest day, there is the unknown. Weather, turbulence and delays can make the simplest flight harder to navigate even if the pilot is armed with the best intentions and all the technology available.

During your mortgage experience, you can count on my crew and me to keep you safe. I will keep you informed throughout the process and warn you if there are times when you will be better off on one path or another. Much like pilots use their expertise to navigate around storms and provide you with a smooth flight, I will use my expertise to guide you through the mortgage process quickly and with as little turbulence as possible.

While I cannot promise you a perfect flight, I can promise you that my team and I will utilize our experience and expertise to take you on the smoothest course possible. If we do hit some turbulence, we will do everything we can to make our way back to a smooth transaction while keeping you calm.

Rest assured that your best interest is my top priority throughout this transaction. My goal is that you will be delighted with the service I provide, and I will do everything in my power to deliver beyond your expectations during your journey toward homeownership.

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