Create the Closet of Your Dreams
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Create the Closet of Your Dreams

It's no secret that a cluttered and unorganized closet can add stress to anyone's life. Make the best use of your space with these organization tips to create the closet of your dreams!

Make more space One of the simplest ways to make more room in your closet is to de-clutter and remove things you aren't wearing. A good rule of thumb is to toss things that haven't been touched in a year or more. Your local  Goodwill  or  Salvation Army would be delighted to have them! Another great way to make more space is to consider using space saving hangers.  These hangers  are thinner than plastic or wooden hangers and also stop your clothes from slipping off of them.

Install storage solutions Storage units that allow you to see your clothing and accessories can make a huge difference in closet organization. It's very likely that you are not wearing the items that you can't see in your closet space. Making everything visible can increase your wardrobe by bringing out things you didn't realize you had. Some simple storage unit solutions include:•  Install shelves  to store folded sweaters. If hung, sweaters can lose their shape so placing them on a shelf will allow you to enjoy them longer.•  Install large hooks  for handbags. Durable hooks will help large handbags keep their shape and stay in good condition.• If you have the space,  a lined, built in drawer  can be a great addition for jewelry. It will keep the jewelry in order and also out of plain sight.• Install a  shoe rack  or  cubby system  to keep shoes organized. Shoes take up a large amount of room in closets so the more they can be kept out of the way, the more space you will have in your closet.

Group items together Your clothing needs to be organized in some sort of comprehensive manner to provide you the tools to look great and make your morning routine easier. The best way to accomplish this is to group like items together by colors, styles, uses, and occasions. Try separating your work clothes from casual clothes, formal wear from workout clothes, etc.

Add lighting Lighting is key to finding anything in a closet and making the space look larger. If it's in your budget, have an electrician install overhead lights and shelf lighting. If you'd rather opt for a DIY approach, use stick-on or screw-in  battery operated LED  lights to add the same effect.

Hiring a professional to organize and style your budget is another option. Depending on how much work they have to do, it could be a pricey endeavor but might be worth it if it is in your budget.

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