Indoor Plants to Brighten Your Home
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Vicky Rowe
Published on June 1, 2022

Indoor Plants to Brighten Your Home

Adding houseplants to a home not only makes your living space feel warmer and more inviting, but it has been proven to boost moods, reduce stress and make the indoor air cleaner. With so many options from which to choose, finding the right plants for your home can feel overwhelming.

Begin by identifying the locations where you want to add plants and then survey the type of lighting that area receives. Different house plants need different levels of lighting and care, and you will want to choose a plant based on those factors.

Here are some excellent house plants for beginners:

Snake Plants   - These tall, spindly plants come in many different varieties and don't demand direct sunlight. Snake plants require minimal water and should only be watered when their soil has dried out completely.

Pothos   - Similar to a snake plant, a pothos plant does not require much light or water. Pothos plants are ideal for hanging pots and don't have to be pruned. To best care for pothos, only water when the leaves appear to be drooping and the soil is dried through.

Spider Plants   - Spider plants prefer direct sunlight but can withstand many different lighting situations and don't need a strict watering schedule. Keep your spider plant away from AC vents and be sure to water regularly.

ZZ Plants   - ZZ plants are among the lowest-maintenance house plants available. Their waxy leaves look great in your home, but they require little attention. Place your ZZ plant in a spot away from direct sunlight and only water when soil is completely dried out.

Be sure your plants are potted in a container that has holes in the bottom to provide adequate drainage. For more information on good houseplants for beginners,  click here.

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