Interior Colors to Help Your Home Sell Quickly
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Interior Colors to Help Your Home Sell Quickly

When listing your home for sale, it is recommended to give all the rooms a fresh coat of paint to make them appear fresh and new. But what color do you choose? Professionals advise walking the line between a blank slate and subtle shades to create an inviting home where potential buyers can envision themselves living. Here are some tips from experts on the top colors to help sell your home quickly:

  • Versatile Neutrals  - Home staging professionals like neutrals because they are flexible and universal. Grays and greiges are some of the top neutral picks because they provide a minimal and clean look. For some great neutral examples, try  Pale Oak ,  Agreeable Gray  and  Classic Gray.
  • Warm Whites  - Using white provides a clean feeling that allows potential homebuyers to envision their own color palette. Because white takes on all surrounding color and light in a room, it is smart to sample a couple of different colors to make sure they will work in your space. A white that looked very bright on a paint chip could appear yellow once on the wall in a room. Here are some good warm white colors to try:  Pure White ,  White Dove  and  Simply White.
  • Cool Whites  - Cool whites often feel a little more modern than warm whites and are ideal for urban environments. Similar to warm whites, cool whites provide a clean slate and allow buyers to envision their own items in the home. Some cool white colors to try are:  Chantilly Lace ,  Calm  and  Extra White.

For more information on paint colors that appeal to homebuyers,  click here.

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