Transform Your Patio with Pavers
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Transform Your Patio with Pavers

Paver patios are beautiful, functional and a great way to add living space to your backyard. While paver patios can be installed by professionals, they can also be a great weekend DIY project if you're not afraid of a little elbow grease. Follow these tips to transform your patio in virtually no time:

  1. Identify the area  - Begin by choosing the area where you will be working. Ideally, this would be a flat, grassy or dirt-covered area. If the area isn't flat, it may require leveling before laying your pavers.
  2. Mark the space  - Mark the area using landscape-labeling paint or flags to help visualize the kind of stone that will work best. This will allow you to determine the best shape for your pavers as well as how many you will need.
  3. Choose your pavers  - Brick, concrete and stone pavers provide homeowners with a variety of color and texture options. Try to choose something that complements the design elements of your home. Click  here  to purchase different colors and paver textures.
  4. Determine a design  - Choose a design for how you lay your pavers on the patio. The wide variety of options for this includes geometric shapes and patterns. For design inspiration, click  here.
  5. Landscape  - Consider planting shrubs around your patio or lining it with some potted plants. This will give your paved patio a finished look and provide some privacy from the rest of your yard.

Once you have determined what your patio will look like, it's time to install your pavers. To learn how, watch the video below.

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