Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Bathroom
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Bathroom

Switching up the lighting in your bathroom can make a fantastic impact on the overall appearance of a small space! With so many options, choosing lighting for your bathroom will depend on the mood you wish to set, your personal style, and the needs of the space. Pinterest has hundreds of bathroom lighting boards to reference for inspiration, but your local lighting store is another great place to start.

When considering your bathroom lighting options, be cautious of going too trendy. Choose a style that reflects your personality and lights up your space in one of the following ways:

Vanity lighting  - This is one of the most popular styles of bathroom lighting. Rather than placing a single light fixture above the mirror, consider mounted wall lighting on either side of the vanity to eliminate shadows and create a warm glow.

Under cabinet lighting  - If your bathroom has interesting flooring, lighting installed under the cabinet can help to highlight this feature while adding an illuminated footpath.

Backlit mirror lighting  - Rather than a plain mirror with wall-mounted lighting, try a backlit mirror. This will cause a halo effect of lighting around your mirror, giving your bathroom a modern touch.

Chandelier lighting  - Adding chandelier lighting can give any bathroom a glamorous feel. However, make sure to follow building codes for your area. Some codes specify that hanging light fixtures are eight feet or more above a bathtub.

Recessed lighting  - Recessed lighting fixtures are best for soft or indirect light because the lighting bounces off the ceiling or walls. This can be used to add a soothing feel to a bathroom, especially when installed with a dimming switch.

For more tips on bathroom lighting, watch the video below. Be sure to keep your eye on the blogs in July for more tips on creating the bathroom you always wanted.

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