Front-Load vs. Top-Load Washing Machines
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Published on June 1, 2022

Front-Load vs. Top-Load Washing Machines

According to  Consumer Reports , the average washing machine lasts about ten years. If it's time to replace the washing machine in your home, you should consider the options available to you. For most people, front-load washing machines take the cake when it comes to energy efficiency, space, water usage and more. Here are some of the differences between front-load and top-load washing machines:

Structure  - With a top-load washing machine, the door is on the top of the machine with an agitator in the center of the basket to swirl the clothes and water. A front-load washing machine has a door on the front side of the machine with no agitator in the middle of the basket. Paddles on the side of the basket help move clothes and stir water while the basket rotates. Many people see the absence of an agitator as a benefit because it does not allow for clothing to be stretched or knotted, and it provides a larger washing capacity.

Electricity usage  - Due to the increased capacity from the missing agitator on a front-load washing machine, electricity usage decreases because the number of loads being washed is reduced.

Water and detergent  - Front-load washing machines require less water and detergent than top-load washing machines. Front-load machines usually decrease the water usage by about half, and the detergent is a more concentrated solution requiring smaller quantities than traditional detergent.

Space  - Front-load washing machines are more compact and able to be stacked with a front-load dryer. This saves more space than top-load washing machines, which can't be stacked.

Cost  - Front-load washing machines are generally more expensive than top-load washing machines, but they are often worth the extra price due to the savings on energy bills, water, space, etc.

For more information on front-load vs. top-load washing machines,  click here.

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