Tips For Hiring a Renovation Contractor
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Tips For Hiring a Renovation Contractor

If you are preparing to start a home renovation project, you want to make sure you are hiring a contractor you can trust to complete the job in a safe and timely manner. Below are a few tips for hiring the right contractor, one who will ensure your project is a good experience from start to finish:

  1. Do your research -  Before looking for a contractor, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want the end result of your renovation project to be. When you begin researching contractors, focus on professionals who can show work experience with your type of project and provide good references. It's also crucial that your prospective contractors are both accredited and insured.
  2. Conduct interviews -  Once you have decided on a few contractor prospects, conduct phone interviews to decide who you think will be the best fit. Make sure you ask the right questions, including:
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Have they worked on similar projects recently?
  • How busy are they? Do they have time to complete the project to your satisfaction, knowing it cannot start until the loan closes and it should be completed within six months?

3.  Ask for quotes -  After interviewing any contractors that you felt were a good fit for your project, ask for a quote. A thorough quote should break down the cost of materials and labor hours.4.  Make it official -  When you have finalized the quote, make sure your contractor provides you with a legally binding contract. This will include the payment, schedule and procedure for changes.

Once your project has started, remember to expect the unexpected. While contractors can estimate a completion time, it's possible that unforeseen circumstances could slow the progress.

I would love to refer you to one of my trusted contractors as well as answer any questions that you have about home renovation loans. Call me today!

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