How to Market Homes During the Holidays
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Vicky Rowe
Published on October 25, 2022

How to Market Homes During the Holidays

The homebuying market from November through January is notoriously slow because of the holiday season. However, this year's hot housing market has set the stage for a better than usual winter season! While the holidays are generally filled with family, friends and Yuletide cheer, the inventory shortage and an increased number of serious buyers can make this time of year successful for selling. Here are some tips for selling homes during the holidays:

  1. Go easy on the décor  - While homes often look their best during the holidays, going overboard can distract buyers. Try to keep decorations to a minimum by using simple seasonal wreaths and small adornments.
  2. Hire a reliable team  - Buyers who are spending time touring homes during the holiday season are bound to be serious, and you will want to ensure that your team is equally so. Hire professionals who are dedicated to the job and won't disappear in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.
  3. Take great photos  - As the weather cools down, homebuyers are more likely to browse the listing selection online from the comfort of their own homes before committing to a tour. Make sure your listing photos are top-notch so buyers will be able to clearly see everything your home has to offer.
  4. Keep a cozy feel  - During showings, make your home a cozy place to escape the cold weather. Turn up the heat and offer seasonal treats. You can make your home smell amazing by using a small Crock-Pot to create a simple  simmering holiday potpourri.
  5. Make curb appeal a priority  - Be sure to keep sidewalks clear of fallen autumn leaves, ice and snow. Clear gutters of any visible debris and pressure-wash your home's exterior, as bare trees create a more exposed and visible home.

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