Realtors Are the Key to Successful Home Sales
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Realtors Are the Key to Successful Home Sales

We live in a world where a quick Google search can provide answers on everything from how to bake a cake to how to tile a bathroom. When we are feeling under the weather, many of us will even consult WebMD in a bid to diagnose our illness before we call a doctor. While the internet offers a wealth of knowledge about virtually any topic, it is important to remember that thoroughly understanding a profession takes training and skill.

You may be able to handle the buying or selling of your home on your own, but a Realtor can simplify the process, market your home to a larger audience, help negotiate the sale, and make your life much easier. This is likely the largest financial decision you will make, so allow a professional real estate agent to lend their expertise. By doing so, you can rest assured that every detail is being attended to.

Real estate agents bring far more to the table than you may realize. Here are a few examples of what they add to the mix:

Marketing  - A real estate agent likely has the resources to market your home to more people than you could on your own. They will set up showings for you, plan open houses, arrange for pictures and video to be taken, and know how to list your home on MLS. While it may seem cost-effective to not pay a Realtor's commission, it's certainly more expensive to have your home linger on the market and not sell.

Expertise  - When buying or selling a home, you need someone who will put your interests and needs first. Contracts and negotiations can be complicated, and roadblocks may arise. It is best to have a professional on hand to answer any questions you may have and help work through any problems.

Advice  - When selling your home, you may be unaware of issues that could be fixed to make your home more appealing. A Realtor can often suggest repairs or changes to help your property sell quickly. When you are buying a home, your Realtor can offer insight on neighborhoods that will suit your needs, as well as provide advice throughout the buying process.

When you are ready to purchase a home, don't go it alone. Numerous advantages come from working with professionals. Real estate agents and your mortgage team should work hand-in-hand to eliminate your stress and support you along the way. I would love to help you decide which loan program is right for you. If you need a Realtor, I can refer you to one of my trusted partners in the industry. Call me today to set up an appointment!

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