Selling Your Home When You Have Pets
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Selling Your Home When You Have Pets

Listing your house when you have pets can present several challenges, but the end result will be worth the effort! Real estate experts will likely tell you that if you want to ensure that you receive the offer you want from buyers, you will want to properly stage your home. When you have pets, you need to create the illusion that you are not a pet owner in order to attract the broadest spectrum of buyers.

Follow these four steps to make selling your home with pets a breeze!

Animal awareness  - Make sure that your listing agent (and anyone working on the house while it is on the market) is aware that there are pets on the premises. If possible, introduce them to your pets to eliminate any 'stranger danger' instincts that your pets might have. This tip is especially important if you are putting your dog in a kennel at your home while it is being shown. A barking dog will distract a buyer who is trying to look at your home.

Doggie's day out  - If it is possible, most real estate professionals recommend that you relocate your pets during the time that your house is on the market. If this is not possible, it is still important that you remove your pets during the time of showings. Take them for a car ride or a walk around the neighborhood. This will not only put less stress on the buyer viewing your home, but on your pets as well.

Remove the evidence  - Hide all beds, toys, food dishes and other signs of pets. If you have relocated your pets for the time that your house is on the market, you can send their favorite items with them. However, if you are only removing the pets at times of showings, you need to be prepared to hide all items during that time. Keep a laundry basket handy in the garage for a quick sweep of pet items when the phone rings for a showing.

Remove stains and odors  - Removing all pet stains and vacuuming daily to remove odors will help to hide the fact that there are animals in your home. If you have a litter box in your house, take it outside before the showing, if possible.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for you and your furry friends. When you are ready to purchase, I would love to talk to you about your buying options. Call me today!

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