Using Facebook Events to Create Open Houses
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Using Facebook Events to Create Open Houses

Facebook events are a great resource that Realtors can use to create and promote open houses. A Facebook event page not only allows Realtors to add important information and photos about the home, but Realtors also have the ability to communicate with all RSVP'd guests. Follow these steps to make the creation of your Facebook event a breeze!

  1. From your Facebook business page, begin by clicking events on the left side of the screen. From there, click "Create Event" and fill in the information.
  2. Be sure to choose an exciting title and add some great photos of the home. Also add the location, date and time.
  3. Under the "Required Info" section, click "Select Category," then choose "Home" from the dropdown menu provided. Under "Description," you can type details about the home. You may also choose to add "Keywords" for your event. Words specific to your region, such as "Texas Homes" and "Texas Real Estate," are great keywords to use.
  4. Determine if there will be any co-hosts and add them in the "Co-Hosts" section. This could be a real estate agent, team member or business partner.
  5. Under "Details," you can add a schedule and type in any keywords relating to your event. Examples of keywords might be "homebuying" or "home purchase."
  6. Disregard the "Tickets" section. You likely will not have tickets for your open house. If you do require tickets, you can put the purchase link here.
  7. Under the "Options" section, edit posting and viewing preferences.
  8. When you have finished filling in all the details about your event, click "Publish."
  9. Once the event has been created, click the "Share" button, then click the "Invite Friends" option on the dropdown menu that appears. From there, you can select friends to invite to your open house. Once you have chosen the friends you would like to invite, click "Send Invites."
  10. To create some buzz, it's a great idea to have your sellers, as well as their neighbors, share the event and RSVP.
  11. If the date or time change or there is anything you would like to tell RSVP'd guests leading up to the event, post it in the "Write Something" box on the event page.
  12. Consider this event page to be a terrific way to engage the neighbors and give listing information such as points of interest in the area. Posting those on the page will give invitees a chance to learn more!
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