Virtual Reality Could Transform the Real Estate Industry
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Virtual Reality Could Transform the Real Estate Industry

Showcasing and marketing homes is critical to the success of home sales. The latest breakthrough in real estate tech might just be virtual reality that allows buyers to simulate home tours from remote locations. By using virtual reality headsets and online 3-D videos, homebuyers are able to experience a virtual reality tour of homes they may be interested in purchasing.

Real estate agencies across the country are already using virtual reality tours to showcase luxury homes and it is catching on. This technology has been used mostly on high-end homes due to the high cost of scanning the home and designing the tours. As far as non-luxury properties, professionals believe that virtual reality will be available for lower-priced homes within five years.

All that a customer needs in order to "tour" a home is to strap on what looks like goggles, which allows them to see a home as if they were actually standing in the home. The headsets and videos allow homebuyers to simulate walking through the house and show almost every angle. To see a sample of virtual reality videos of properties,  click here.

In cities such as Los Angeles and New York where traffic makes visiting multiple houses in a day a burden, virtual reality could make home shopping more efficient as it allows homebuyers to tour properties remotely. Another advantage to using virtual reality is that homebuyers can view homes in different states or even countries.

The future is now for customers buying homes - either across town or across the world - as technology is allowing for virtual tours. I pride myself on working with some of the best real estate agents using all the modern technology at their disposal to help customers buy or sell their homes. Give me a call today if I can introduce you.

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