Planting a Vegetable Garden
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Planting a Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden at your home is an enjoyable activity for the entire family. Along with being a great way to source your own vegetables for summer meals, it is fun for adults and children alike to watch the plants grow and produce food. Here are some strategies for starting your own vegetable garden:

Choose a good garden site  - First, watch the sun move across your yard throughout the day and find the spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight. Next, measure your site and sketch it out so you know how much space you have to fill.

Prepare your soil  - Use a spading fork or shovel to loosen the soil in your garden spot. Rake the area and remove grass, weeds, rocks and other objects. Mix in fresh soil with the pre-existing soil to help your plants grow.

Pick your vegetables  - Save time by starting with young plants rather than seeds. You can purchase these at your local garden center. Below are some of the best vegetables for beginners:

  • Beets
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Squash

Plant your garden  - Once you have chosen your plants and determined their location in your garden, use a trowel to dig holes for them that are two to three inches apart. Put your plants in the holes and cover them with soil no deeper than they had in their original container. Water the plants to settle them in.

For more information on starting a vegetable garden,  click here  or watch the video below.

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