Preparing Children for Moving
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Preparing Children for Moving

Buying a new home in which you will create new memories with your family is an incredibly exciting experience. If you are moving your family, it helps to prepare children for living in a new home. It is common for children to experience homesickness and a bit of anxiety about living in a new home. Make the most of your move and follow these tips to help your children feel at home in your new house!

  • Prepare  - Preparation during the time leading up to the move will have a significant impact on how easily children adapt. Let children know about the move a few months in advance and explain to them that all their things inside the house will be coming with them. If you are selling your home, you may also want to explain that there could be potential buyers walking through at times.
  • Keep children involved in the moving process  - Keep children in the loop and involve them in planning and packing. Allow them to help pack their own rooms or favorite items. Younger children might even enjoy decorating their boxes with markers or crayons. If you are purchasing any new furniture or décor for your new home, allowing the children to help choose things for their room may also make them more excited about the new space.
  • Familiarize with new surroundings  - Spend some time in the area surrounding your new home before you make the move. If there are parks nearby, walk children around or go for a bike ride so they will feel comfortable and familiar. Look into opportunities for children to sign up for activities where they will be able to meet other neighborhood children.
  • Become involved in new schools  - If your children will be switching schools as a result of the move, reach out to the school and schedule a visit. Allow children to meet their new teacher and set them up with after-school activities to help them meet friends.
  • Continue family pastimes  - Bring family traditions from your old house to the new one to help children feel at home. Start new traditions in your new home, too! Find a restaurant that you all love or start a family game night.
  • Stay positive  - Children will likely develop feelings about the move by watching their parents. Stay positive about the move to create reassurance with children. If you are excited, they will be excited!

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