Linen Closet Organization
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Published on June 1, 2022

Linen Closet Organization

Linen closets hold everything from extra sheet sets and blankets to towels and washcloths. But even in the tidiest of homes, this extra closet can become overwhelmed by underused items. By tidying up your linen closet, your house can be ready for guests in no time.

Purging is the perfect way to begin your organization. Once you have decided which items your closet will house, you can set out to organize. Adjustable wire shelving is the best option for sheets, blankets and towels, and you can use baskets to corral smaller items, such as toiletries and toilet paper. When placed upside down on a shelf,  shelving brackets  make an excellent divider for towels and sheets.

Underused linens can become stagnant and musty. To keep linens as fresh as possible, store them with an open box of baking soda or a lavender sachet. If you are storing wool items, keep them free of moths. While cedar chips will help ward off critters, they lose their scent over time. Store woolens in sealed bags to ensure they are adequately protected.

Place items such as towels, sheets and toiletries at eye level for easy access. Items used less often - such as dining linens, tablecloths and extra pillows - should be placed at the top or bottom of the closet.

Sheets  - A creative way to store them is to place folded sets in a corresponding pillowcase. Folded sheets take up less space than bunched-up sheets. For a tutorial on how to fold fitted sheets, watch the video below.

Towels  - Roll towels to maximize shelf space. If you prefer folding towels, make sure they fit the shelf they are sitting on,  like this.

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