Spring Cleaning Organization Tips
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

Spring Cleaning Organization Tips

As you clean your home to prepare for the spring season, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Organizing the process can alleviate your angst as well as streamline the process to finish your cleaning quickly. Follow these simple tips to organize your spring-cleaning efforts:

  • Create a kit - Fill a bucket with basic cleaning essentials, such as all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays, sponges, towels, and other items you might find useful. This will allow you to transport all your supplies around your home as you clean. To view some essentials to add to your kit,  click here.
  • Use a checklist - Create a checklist for the spring cleaning tasks that you wish to tackle. This will not only prepare you to complete your cleaning in a timely manner, but it will also help you understand everything that needs to be done. For a great spring-cleaning checklist,  click here.
  • Determine focus areas - Decide what areas you will need to focus on. These can be tasks such as decluttering or dusting, or cleaning surfaces such as textile furniture or countertops. Creating these areas of focus will allow you to streamline your cleaning efforts for a faster finish. For room-by-room tips,  click here.

For more spring cleaning tips, click here.

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