Facebook Practices for Realtors
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 30, 2022

Facebook Practices for Realtors

With almost two billion daily active users, Facebook has become a staple in effective real estate marketing. In addition to offering real estate agents a cost-effective way to promote their properties, the popular social media platform provides a range of opportunities to grow business and attract new buyers.

Follow these simple steps to make the most out of your Facebook business page:

  1. Create and maintain a professional image  - Make sure your profile and cover photos are professional and consistent with your branding. Don't post things you would not want your clients to see. Inappropriate photos aren't likely to inspire trust between you and your followers. Keep your image positive and professional.
  2. Be consistent  - It is important to actively post about your business. Try to post on your business page at least twice a week to keep your followers engaged.
  3. Make interesting and relevant status updates  - Don't make your posts exclusively about listings. Share blogs, tips, advice, and news articles to educate your followers. Also, share photos from closings and photos that illustrate home design trends and seasonal home maintenance ideas.
  4. Ask for feedback  - Post photos and invite your followers to offer up their thoughts. You'll be surprised by the amount of feedback you receive from your followers. Remember that starting a conversation with them can create more business.
  5. Post your open houses  - Facebook is an excellent platform for creating open house events. Include pictures of the home's interior, along with videos and details about the open house. Then, invite everyone and ask your sellers as well as their neighbors and friends to share the open house event on their Facebook page.
  6. Go live  - If you are hosting an open house or another event, use the Facebook Live feature to give your followers a real-time look at what is happening. This will allow them to see a more fun and personal side of your business, while creating some buzz around the event.
  7. Integrate Facebook into your existing marketing  - In addition to giving your clients an opportunity to follow you on Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon on your website, consider integrating the social media platform into other forms of marketing. For example, if you have a blog, set it up to auto-populate with each new article shared on your Facebook page.
  8. Add to your Facebook story  - Much like Instagram stories, Facebook has added a story feature where photos or videos posted can be viewed for 24 hours before they disappear. Use this feature to show real-time updates such as behind-the-scenes footage from your day or a sneak peek of a listing from an open house.
  9. Run Facebook ads  - Advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to generate leads via social media. Make sure you determine a good target market and use a measurable system to follow up with leads. Click  here  to learn more.

My goal is to help promote my business partners while serving the best needs of our homebuyers. I would be happy to answer any questions you have, and I look forward to sharing more tips about how to build your marketing efforts this year. If you have time, I would love to talk with you about some of the tools that I have to make our businesses more successful!

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