Online Reviews to Build Business
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Vicky Rowe
Published on June 1, 2022

Online Reviews to Build Business

When it comes to real estate, the best way to build business is by having raving fans share the amazing experience they enjoyed when buying a home with you. However, with so many options for reviews these days, it's hard to know which kind of review will most impact your business. Below, I share some information and links on how to ask for feedback on the various websites that can help you generate business.

So, where can your customers leave feedback?

Zillow   - To leave a  review  on Zillow, users must create a profile and find their real estate agent through the Agent Finder tool.

Google   - Users can search your name or your business name, and the business page should appear with a  "write review"  button. You can also send customers the link for the search query pointing to your business page. If you have not set up a business page,  here  are the instructions.

Facebook   - To collect reviews, send customers the link to your Facebook business page. They can then click "recommendations" or  "reviews"  on the left side of the page.

Testimonial Tree   - If you're looking to automate your feedback from customers, Testimonial Tree can help.

Yelp  - Send customers the link to your Yelp page or have them go  here  to search for your business. With a registered account, customers can leave a detailed review for you.

Trulia   - Much like Zillow, customers with a registered account can search for an agent using the "Find Agent" tool. They can then leave you a  review. You can also send customers your Trulia profile link.   - Realtors using can request reviews from customers. To solicit a  review , click on the "request a new review" button. Then, complete the property transaction tab and enter the client information. Once the request is submitted, the client will receive an email.

Angi   - Customers can search for your Angi profile and click the " add review " button. From there, they can rate your service and share their story.

It's always important to choose the platform where your reviews will be the most impactful. It is also a good idea to make a habit of responding to reviews to let customers know you are appreciative of their feedback. Share some of your best reviews on your social media accounts so that everyone can see your work!

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