How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Real Estate Business
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 31, 2022

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Real Estate Business

With over  190 million daily active users , Twitter is a top social platform for business. Its dynamic and easy-to-use format makes it a great tool to build your real estate business by engaging and strengthening your relationships with clients, prospective customers, and business partners.

Best Practices for Posting

A good method to follow when trying to engage your followers is the 80/20 rule: 20% of your content should be self-promotion, while 80% should be other interesting content for your users. Following are some great content ideas:

  • Offer Tips about Staging and Moving: Share links to blogs you have written, tips on how to make moving stress-free, and informative articles and videos on how to stage a home for better sales. Be sure to include an image.
  • Share Positive Local News: Share news stories that speak to how safe, welcoming, and unique or up-and-coming a neighborhood, town, or city is. This is a smart way to show the benefits of living in the area - and how well you know it.
  • Use Hashtags: Using hashtags helps your tweets be seen by more than your followers. Use relevant and specific hashtags to be found by people searching Twitter for your subject matter. Good examples include:
    • Your town or city
    • Neighborhood or name of community
    • Concepts related to the tweet, such as #movingtips or #newhome
  • Pose Questions: Focus on asking questions that engage your followers and encourage a response. You can even use Twitter's "Add Poll" feature - it is free and anonymous, and there are four options for an answer. Ask questions such as:
    • What is the best thing about moving into a new home? #moving #newhome #yourcity
    • What does your ideal kitchen look like? #kitchens #newhome #kitchendesign
    • What features are most important in a master bath? #masterbath #bathroomdesign
  • Share Local Community Events and Causes: If you are involved with a local charity or non-profit organization, tweet about their local events and all the good work they do. The non-profit will love it and doing this will show that you are connected to and care about your community.
  • Use Mentions to Keep in Touch: You can use Twitter to congratulate clients on purchasing a new home (include a photo of the happy clients or the beautiful home) or thank a business partner or vendor for assisting you in your business. For example, give a shout-out to the clerk/business that helped you carry your open-house treats to your car.

For more tips on using Twitter to build your real estate business,  click here.

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