Electronic and Smart Locks for Your Home
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Vicky Rowe
Published on May 1, 2022

Electronic and Smart Locks for Your Home

Gone are the days of locking your keys in the house or forgetting to lock the door when you leave. Electronic and 'smart' locks provide the option of a keyless entry to and exit of your home and often allow remote smartphone access to the lock. Many of these locks even allow homeowners to receive alerts and track who is entering the home, as well as offer the feature of emailing limited-access digital 'keys' to visitors or children.

Electronic door locks come with many different means of entry, including radio frequency identification (RFID), biometric (fingerprint), and Bluetooth. While many locks still use keypad systems for entry, manufacturers have begun to move toward touchscreen panels that include security features to prevent intruders from cracking the code. RFID locks use a key fob or card for entry, biometric entry locks use fingerprint identification to open, and Bluetooth locks sense your smartphone when you approach.

Smart locks, another type of electronic door lock, open remotely via an app and can integrate with other 'smart' systems in your home such as Google Home or Amazon's Alexa. For example, if your alarm system detects a leak in your home while you are away, you can open the home remotely to allow someone to go in and check.

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